Create memories that last
Create lifesize memories of your belly and baby with our safe, non-toxic and sustainable casts.
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This is Memories by Woodcast

Keepsake of a special moment

Remember this moment with a physical, lifesize replica that you casted yourself.

Have fun casting together

Casting together is a perfect activity for a baby shower or with the family.

No chemical exposure

No plaster, chemicals and gloves needed. Just 100% natural materials that you can mold to shape.

Safe material used by the medical industry

Woodcast is free of toxins and allergens, and you can use it with bare hands without harming the mother or the baby. Woodcast is widely used in the medical industry, and it's manufactured from clean wood and bioplastic.

No toxins or allergens
material used in the medical industry
Strong and re-moldable
Heat, shape, ready
Sustainable materials
Clean wood and bioplastic
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